Monday, 27 April 2009

When in Rome....

Recently I went on holiday to Italy; where I stayed just outside Rome in a town called Marino, which some of you may know has a wine festival every year. During this, all the fountains in town are filled with the local sweet white wine, and distributed freely to everyone. They make a real day of it with processions, music and period costumes attracting thousands from all over the region.

However due to bad planning on our behalf, we were six months too early, or six months too late if you want to look at it from another point of view! Despite that, waking up every morning overlooking numerous vineyards was amazing – even if they were all pruned back and dormant, waiting for their time in the spring to burst into action.

Desperate to at least taste some of the local wine, we headed to
the local pizzeria to sample their culinary delights. At the rear of the pizzeria is one of the hundreds of small local vineyard and olive groves, which meant
that the wine on the menu was literally on tap! We decided to brave and ordered a litre of the house white. What arrived at our table was nothing short of amazing, a wonderfully youthful and fruit driven Chardonnay, it wasn’t a great wine in the terms of Bordeaux, but a really enjoyable and refreshing white with a slight sparkle.

After spending another night at the restaurant drinking more of this fabulous wine, we decided to grab a couple of bottles to bring home with us on our final day. Walking in to the shop we found the bottle for only €2 a bottle, for that price it was absolutely stunning!

It would seem that unfortunately you can’t buy it online, but here are a couple of pictures anyway!

If anyone manages to find it let me know!

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