Saturday, 25 April 2009

The Worlds Oldest Champagne

I read an interesting g article today on The Times Online about the tasting of the oldest champagne in the world – a bottle of an1825 Perrier-Jouẽt, which was sealed 184 years ago!

All of the critics were understandably excited to be involved in such a historic tasting, but of course opinions differed on the actual taste differed. The critics described the bottle as having a taste of mushroom and white truffles, with honey and gingerbread creeping in too.

Whilst many of you may wonder why you would want to drink a bottle of champagne, which at 184 years old had few bubbles left and taste of mushroom, when the complexities started to appear I can only imagine how fantastic it tasted!

Perrier-Jouẽt have got two more bottles of champagne from 1825 stored deep in their cellars, which unfortunately they say they won’t be opening in the near future. I’m keeping my fingers crossed that when they do I’ll be there!

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