Wednesday, 13 May 2009

the Grand Ardẽche Chardonnay from Maison Louis Latour

I recently paid a visit to Wimbledon Wine Cellars, where they have a fantastic range, to pick up a present for a friend. As I didn’t have a lot of time I asked for their recommendation for an oaked fruity white. What they recommended was the Grand Ardẽche Chardonnay from Maison Louis Latour, a Vin de Pays des Coteaux de L’Ardẽche, priced at around £9.
A bright lemony green colour with wonderful developing aromas of vanilla and oak, on the palate it is a dry wine with a good level of acidity and a medium body. With a creamy texture, it had flavours of vanilla, a touch of spice from the oak barrels it was aged in, and hint of green apple and lemon in the background.

An outstanding wine showing good complexity in the flavours and balance between these, the acidity and the dryness of the wine, it is very burgundian in style. But what else would you expect from Maison Louis Latour? Ready to drink now, it was thoroughly enjoyable, but could also be kept for a couple of years too, if you wanted to enhance the flavours even more.
Thank you very much Wimbledon Wine Cellars!

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