Wednesday, 13 May 2009

Terrorists in the Wine Industry

According to Decanter this week, we now have militants within the wine industry! Having never read anything about this kind of thing before, I’ll admit I was shocked to read about CRAV, a French militant wine group, who had set fire a co-operative and vandalised a bottling line in the south of France (

After doing a little research I discovered that they formed as CRAV in the 80’s, and have been attacking the big wineries in the south of France since then. Though these dates suggested a quite recent group, a little bit more digging revealed they have been around in one guise or another since 1907!

The groups aim is to gain higher prices for their wine and is made up of the smaller wine producers in the south of France. In 2007 they gave President Sarkozy an ultimatum that if wine prices had not increased within one month then they would “go into action.” They even went as far as to say that they could not rule out deaths!

Honestly, what is the world coming to when you get terrorists within the wine industry!

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