Friday, 7 August 2009

A Sulphur Free Champagne

Having been asked numerous to times for a wine without sulphites, and only being able to recommend one, an organic Shiraz, I was pleased to read in Decanter that Drappier Champagne are bucking the trend.

The Drappier family, who are all allergic to the preservative, has just announced its latest champagne, Brut Nature Zero Dosage Sans Souffre NV, a Blanc de Noirs (white Champagne made from black grapes).

Despite centuries of use, the Drappier family believe that if the fruit is of high quality, and certain vinification techniques are used, then there’s absolutely no need to use sulphites. Great news for everyone, who, like them, hasn’t really had much option before! The process, though, hasn’t been without pitfalls. The first vinifications were unsuccessful, due to uneven levels of oxidation during the process and an uneven quality of the grapes.

The cost of making the champagne this way is also significantly greater, and the wine itself doesn’t even last as long as its sulphured counterparts, questioning its viability. However, Drappier do not seem concerned about this, claiming demand is far outstripping supply, suggesting it could sell three or four times as much!

Let’s hope that if this is the case that they can increase their supply, and that the quality is there!

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  1. is it available in Australia?