Thursday, 25 August 2016

A Home To Call My Own Pt 2

So, we've been in the shop for nearly two weeks now, and we've been working round the clock to get us open as quickly as possible. The inside and outside of the shop has all been painted, the shelving has been built, although one of the units still needs to fixed into place. The Sofa and other furniture has been collected and is in the shop, The joys of painting our own sign has been done, it looks great but don't want to do that again, when it needs re-doing, I think I'll get a professional in to that one.
From This
To this
Speaking of stock, suppliers have been contacted and accounts setup, orders are being placed, with stock hopefully arriving this Friday, so I'm going to be having a busy weekend filling the shelves and labelling them all up, ready to open from next week!

Inside is nearly finished
We may have had a little too much fun ocasionally
Just wanted to say a massive thank you to everybody over the last two weeks days who helped me clean, sand, clean, paint, clean, build furniture and clean some more, without your help I would not be anywhere ready to open!


  1. Well done for opening this Nightingale Lane!!! Much needed!!! I've been saying ever since I moved here that a Wine Shop and a Deli Cafe would be perfect for that street!

  2. Hi Jez - I popped in yesterday to say hello and posted this for you - suggest if you do have any news/offers you could post them on this site.

  3. I am hosting a food and wine pairing popup in Earlsfield soon and was hoping for some guidance on pairing options for the menu. Do you have an email address/ number I can contact you on?

    1. Would love to help, my email is